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Prep Sheets - Bed Bugs

Good Guys Exterminators


Preparation Sheet For Bed Bugs


Being only partially ready will not solve your Bed Bug Problem


Bed Bugs are tough to control

They hide in many places… in beds, closets, furniture, behind pictures, in tiny cracks in the wall. .. so inspection and treatment must be thorough. Good Guys Exterminators technicians need your cooperation in order to control Bed Bugs successfully. Before technician can treat your home, you must prepare your home for treatment.

Remove everything from bedrooms and closets

Your closets must be empty. Empty dresser drawers and night stand drawers. Remove all clothing, toys, boxes, from bedrooms and closet floors. Place items in the center of living room floor. A cluttered closet and floors makes it impossible to control bed bugs.


Wash all clothing, towels and other linens after treatment

This means everything!


Vacuum after Treatment

Vacuum all floors, closets, dresser drawers and night stands. Dispose of vacuum bag inside of a plastic garbage bag and then place in exterior garbage receptacle.


Provide access for Good Guys Exterminators technician

Make sure technician can get into all closets. 

After Treatment All Mattresses & Box Springs must be covered with  Bed Bug covers for treatment to work.


You must remain out of your home

Healthy Adults 4 Hours

Elderly 6 to 8 hours, check with your Doctor

Children over two years old 4 to 6 hours

Children under two years old 6 to 8 hour

Infants 6 to 8 hours, check with your Doctor

Pregnant Ladies 6 to 8 hours, check with your Doctor

All Pets 4 hours