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Prep Sheets - Roaches



Preparation Sheet For German Roaches


We will arrive on Date________________________________

Between the hours of  ________________ to ______________


Being only partially ready will not solve your roach problem.




Remove all food, pots, pans and dishes from cabinets.  Do not place on drain board or counter top.  Place contents in boxes and place on living room floor and cover with plastic. The better you prepare for us, the better results you will have. We cannot spay on top or over any pots, pans and dishes.  Do not wash the cabinets after the treatment. You will remove our product! You may wash the cabinets before not after. If there is a grease build up on, in or around your stove you must clean and remove the grease.



Remove all contents from cabinets, shelves and medicine cabinet. You may place in bath tub and cover with plastic.



If you are seeing roaches in your bedroom, you will need to remove clothes, shoes and any other items in the closets.  If you see roaches in your night stand and dresser, you will need to remove contents from night stand and dresser.  Place contents on bed and cover with plastic


You must remain out of your home

Healthy Adults 2 to 4 Hours

Elderly 4 to 6 hours and check with your Doctor

Children over two years old 4 to 6 hours

Children under two years old 6 to 8 hour

Infants 6 to 8 hours and check with your Doctor

Pregnant Ladies 6 to 8 hours and check with your Doctor

All Pets 2 to 4 hours


You may experience more roaches after treatment. Our product will bring roaches out from hiding. So you must allow 21 days for complete control.



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