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Prep Sheets - Fleas



Preparation Sheet for Fleas



Being only partially ready will not solve your flea problem.


Before the treatment can be done the homeowner must pick up loose items off the flooring as if they were
prepping for a carpet cleaning. All carpeting, flooring, upholster,and mattresses should be thoroughly vacuumed.If you use a canister type vacuum. Empty canister into plastic trash bag and seal tightly and place in the  outside trash bin. If you use a vacuum that takes bags use a clean vacuum bag to obtain the best suction.Dispose of the bag by sealing it tightly in a plastic trash bag and place in a outside trash bin. 


All sheets, blankets, and other bedding should be washed.


In all cases when a pet is present in the home the pet
should receive a flea treatment by a veterinarian of other
qualified animal-health professional. This treatment should
be performed at the same time that your home is being
treated. Your veterinarian may also wish to prescribe one
of several long-term flea control medications for your pet.


Pick up all toy off the ground also any pets food and water. Please clean up all pet fecal matter. Do not water your grass or flower garden for 2 days

You must remain out of your home

Healthy Adults 2 to 4 Hours

Elderly 4 to 6 hours and check with your Doctor

Children over two years old 4 to 6 hours

Children under two years old 6 to 8 hour

Infants 6 to 8 hours and check with your Doctor

Pregnant Ladies 6 to 8 hours and check with your Doctor

All Pets 2 to 4 hours


You must allow 21 days for complete control.


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